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We cater for a variety of fishing techniques, Popping, Jigging, Trolling, Fly-fishing, Bottom fishing. We do not provide or rent fishing equipement. Please let us know at the time of booking what type of fishing your after. The bulk of anglers that come to the Maldives are popping for Giant Trevally. Please visit our facebook page and checkout our photo albums.


Suggested equipment:


"No Cast No Fish"  that's our motto. Test your angling skills against the Giant Trevally!!

Jigging and Bottom Fishing

You never know what's lurking below


Nothing gets your adrenaline pumping like the sudden ratcheted scream from your reel.

Suggested equipment:

Dinghy Troll

Light trolling action. Light tackle makes this fun and challenging

Beach Casting

Sun, Sand and Sea.....


Not normally done in the Maldives but we have seen some surprising results.

Suggested equipment:

Catch and Release Policy

Our company adopts a strict "Catch and Release" policy. This ensures that we contribute to protecting the environment and wildlife while promoting a sustainable form of Sports Fishing. We take great care in landing and handling fish caught on our vessels. Depending on what species of fish caught, different procedures are used to return the fish safely back into the ocean while maintaining its ability to survive. Time aboard the boat must be kept to the bare minimum, a quick photo and back into the ocean. Certain species of fish meeting size requirements can be kept for guests to consume while on board the vessel. We seek your cooperation and understanding. Catch and Release...its rewarding.
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