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For a true Maldivian adventure!

Destination Maldives....

The Maldives is located in the Indian Ocean and consists of 26 atolls which holds 1,192 islands. The Maldives have long been regarded as a must visit destination for it's breathtaking environmental beauty. The Maldivian waters hold a treasure trove of diving sites, it's pristine waters and beautiful beaches ensure that this is truly a paradise destination.

Why choose us....

What better way to enjoy the ocean paradise than on-board an ocean safari live-aboard. Guests would be provided with an ever changing scenery as our vessel sails from atoll to atoll. Mobility allows us access to remote beaches and sand banks. We provide the quests with a customizable itinerary for the perfect and unique holiday experience. While our staff aim to provide excellent service and maintain the high quality and standard of food on-board our vessels. Our prices are deliberately low to keep the expedition affordable in order to share this experience with more ocean lovers.


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